Again, again, we’re together.

How are you from the last year? While I am writing these lines, I’m writing as I have concluded the thing that I started -almostly concluded-. That I wasn’t stated in a stable situation. I already haven’t got any time for this. But now, I decided the thing time is not too matter, because I created this website in only ninety minutes.

I realized that write the texts, and filling this website with media and content, from the start and until the end, wants effort. But for years, after producing contents, reading new books, visiting new places, gaining new experiences, filling this blog is not hard for me, as old times. I’m celebrating our being Again, again, we’re together. Side photo is my “Winter mixed with Spring in Tokat” named photograph work.

Winter mixed with Spring in Tokat, 2015
Winter Mixed with Spring in Tokat, 2015

Once in a while, looking back at the way you walked, gives you an idea of what you started to do and what you left halfway. That, while most of us couldn’t finish what we started,  I wouldn’t speak about this too much. Thus, the biggest problem of vital forms is being problematic.

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